Danny Rosas - Graphic Designer


Ever wonder who’s behind all the commotion that makes your promo magic possible? Well, wonder no further! It’s time you got to know the Name Brand family.

Danny Rosas: The newest member of the NBP team and our second in-house designer.

He’s proficient at Photoshop, Illustrator, and putting up with everyone at NBP’s antics. We’re proud to have him. Now, onto the important bits…

Who’s a better cook, your mom or grandma?


What’s the last thing you fixed?

The Photo Studio. (He means the one here in NBP and lemme tell ya, yeah, it needed fixing.)

Who’s your favorite superhero?

That’s tough, but definitely all of the MARVEL ones over DC.

Could you survive in the wilderness for a month?

Alone, no.

What’s your favorite sounding word?

“Royal,” when my wife says it. Lol.

What’s something you thought you were good at but are actually quite bad?

Table tennis.