Justin Wallace - Account Manager


Ever wonder who’s behind all the commotion that makes your promo magic possible? Well, wonder no further! It’s time you got to know the Name Brand family.

Justin Wallace: The newest member to our sales force, Justin’s job is to make sure all our new and pre-existing clients are receiving top-notch customer service.

If you’re in the Boise area and you haven’t met him yet, just wait. Because you will. And that is definitely not a threat, I promise.

Who’s a better cook, your mom or grandma?


What’s the last thing you fixed?

The water heater…

What musical artist is greatly underrated?

ZZ Ward, particularly the songs Blue Eyes Blind and Put the Gun Down.

What’s your favorite sounding word?

FREEEEEEDOM! In a Scottish accent, of course.

What song would you pay money to never have to listen to again?

ANYTHING with Luke Bryan in it.

Who’s your favorite superhero?