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The Latest and Greatest in Tech Promo Gifts Makes an Impact

You don’t have to look far to see how the rapid evolution of technology has changed the way people work and play. Just about everyone enjoys gadgets and gizmos that make life easier and make the mundane parts of life a bit more fun.

The world of branded marketing items is no exception. People have seen the future of promo, and it’s filled with tech. It’s things that light up, make noise, accomplish a key task, and generally make you think, “Wow, I never realized how much I needed something like this!”Promotional tech items’ functions are wide-ranging — from entertainment to organization to charging and even security.

When you are handed or mailed an astoundingly awesome tech promo piece, you feel special. You figure some serious coin was dropped, so you probably think twice about discarding it in the trash can or pushing it to the back of a junk drawer.

But here’s the thing: Tech promo items with high perceived value actually can be quite cost-effective. Whether you’re ordering for trade show giveaways or targeted customer gifts, there is a wide range of possibilities. Here are a few examples:

What’s New in Tech Promo

Magnetic Charging Portfolio

What if James Bond carried a notebook? That’s basically this. On the surface, it’s a sleek portfolio with a replaceable notebook inside. However, it also features a built-in power bank that wirelessly charges a phone when placed on the front cover.

Cue that familiar 007 music.

UV Light Phone Sanitizer and Charger

A unit that both sanitizes and charges a phone? Awesome. Considering the amount of time people spend using and charging their phones, this is a high-use gift that is sure to maximize the presence of an artfully placed logo.

Accessory Organizer

Headphones. Chargers. Cords. A thoughtfully designed organizer makes all of these small but important tech-related accessories easy to locate within a purse or pocketbook. Now THAT’s a branded gift that will be seen over and over again — unless using cellphones and listening to music somehow goes out of style, which we kind of doubt.

Digital Luggage Tag

Whoa! Now cloud-managed luggage tags can accomplish what luggage tags have always done — notifying whoever finds a suitcase who it belongs to — without having to publicly display the owner’s contact information. Security in the digital age is quite elegant, don’t you think?

Checklist for Tech Promo Gifts

From chargers, power banks and webcam covers to bluetooth speakers and the latest and greatest new tech gift options, make sure whatever custom promo company you order from can deliver tech gifts that check most of these boxes:

  • High quality
  • Latest and greatest tech
  • Usefulness
  • Excellent functionality
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Cost-effective

The best promo companies have unique models that allow them to be flexible. They do low minimum orders when necessary, support stock or custom packaging, and offer the use of retail brands.

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Tech Gifts

Name Brand Promotions is always on the lookout for new tech promo products — often before they even hit the market. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, because we realize that technology gifts quickly become out of date and unimpressive — only to be replaced by the next latest, greatest and most buzz-worthy items. We want companies to be proud of the leading-edge tech that carries their branding.

Name Brand provides free design studio services; vast customization options; and a unique, experience-driven model that accommodates your company’s need for high and excellent ROI from your tech orders.

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