Show your Appreciation with Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts the NBP Way: It Doesn’t Get Any Easier


It’s subtle, but all around us, the signs are there. A few leaves changing color; a slight crispness to the morning air; and before you realize it, we’ve moved from Summer into Fall. Though many welcome the relief from the heat, this season also brings a sense of urgency when you realize that the year is quickly coming to an end.

For those of us living in 2020, that may be a welcome sight. This year has been full of stress and most of us have had to tackle situations that we were not prepared for. When times are this uncertain, it can be scary to think of the holidays and the pressure that comes with gift-giving. And we’re here to say–we get it!

However, if you are looking to order a holiday gift, let’s chat. When a client receives a gift from your company, it creates a strong, positive effect that they link with your brand. They now feel a connection to your business that wasn’t there before. According to a retail study conducted in 2018, consumers who associate a positive emotional connection with a brand “have a 306% higher lifetime value.” source Holiday gifts are a great way to build this positive connection and show gratitude to your employees and clients who have been struggling through this year. From something small, like a comfy knit beanie, to something larger, like a set of wireless headphones, we’re here to take the burden of this process completely off of your shoulders. But how exactly do we do that?


Your project and your company matter to us. When you work with our team, we guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service regardless of how large or small your order is. We will work with you to find out what you need and provide the perfect product solution. Gone are the days of hunting the internet for just the right product. After you finalize your product selection, our in-house creative team works their magic so that it matches your brand perfectly. For complete creative control, our custom manufacturing process allows you to create a product that’s totally unique to you. We also offer kitting services that make it possible to pair different products together in a custom box for a seamless brand experience.

This may all sound like a pipe dream that’s totally out of your budget – but you’d be shocked to know what’s possible. High quality products are not as out of reach as they may seem.


When you order products with us, we provide storage in our warehouse for no extra cost. This means you aren’t having to store 15 boxes of mugs in that back closet, or worse, in your office. Instead, we handle these details and give you access to your inventory exactly when you need it.

You may be thinking, “Ok, that all sounds great, but when I am ready to send out my products, that’ll be a huge headache.” But we’ve got you covered! We’ll set up an online webstore for easy ordering and shipping. Your employees or clients can access the site, order their quantities and/or sizes, and input their shipping address so that you don’t have to endure the hassle of collect all of this information yourself. We promise, there is no easier way to get your holiday gifts out and in the right hands.


We understand that budgets are tight and not everyone is looking for a holiday gift option. However, if this does apply to you, let’s start making your life easier and give you the time back to focus on what matters. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, so take some of the stress off your plate and let us handle it!

Not sure where to start?

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NFC Technology is Changing the Game

4 Reasons Why You Need NFC Products This Year

As the school year approaches, many of us have a lot of questions. Although every question is unique, the overwhelming theme is, ‘How do we keep everyone safe while still providing the best education for our students?’ Quality education is rooted in quality communication, and in the era of COVID-19, we’re looking to technology to help faculty communicate with students from a safe social distance.

While there is a nearly endless list of ways to accomplish this, one of the most seamless and cost-effective is through NFC-enabled products.

NFC: Near-Field Communication that Helps Us Communicate from a Distance

Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology has been around since the early 2000s and allows for devices to communicate and transfer data from a close distance.

NFC technology comes in a variety of forms and one of these is a microchip. When this chip is embedded into product, it turns that product into a direct communication tool. When a mobile device comes within 4 inches of the chip, it leverages the energy from the device and activates, immediately prompting the device if it would like to receive the data stored on the chip. Since it is using the energy of the mobile device, it requires no power supply of its own, and is completely contact-less. In addition to being easy to use, it’s length of time in the industry shows that it’s already passed the most rigorous test of time. While technology seems to evolve faster than the speed of light, NFC has withstood this cycle to prove that it’s here for the long haul.

Now that you know a little more about NFC technology, let’s look at 4 reasons why you should get NFC-enabled products for your students this year.

Reason 1: Endless Ways to Use This Technology

The sky is truly the limit with the ways to use this technology. Just about any product you can think of can be paired with an NFC chip. Embed one into a journal and suddenly it becomes an instant access tool for the reference materials for a specific class. Give incoming freshman a school-branded keychain or backpack with an NFC chip for an easy way to keep students updated with new campus procedures.

Reason 2: 1-1 Communication Without the Distractions

Have you ever encountered a site that had so many ads and pop-ups, it was hard to actually read the content you went there for? That’s becoming more and more common across the internet, and although there are tools that can help with this problem, it’s not a universal fix. When you use an NFC-enabled product, it gives you that 1-to-1 communication without the ads or extra, unwanted content that comes with third-party tools like social media. And unlike those other tools, you have complete control how you want your content shown. You can trust that your students are getting exactly the message you want to share, without having to rely on third-party platforms. You are in control of your message.

Reason 3: Update Your Content as Often as You Want

Far from a one-time use, you can update the content on an NFC chip as often as you like. This means that students will be able to access new content and use your product all year long. So, start out the year with an orientation packet, update it around the holidays with a campus announcement, and end the year with a farewell to graduating seniors. There is complete flexibility and customization when it comes to updating the content on your NFC-enabled product.

Reason 4: Cost Effective and Tailored to Your Budget

You may be thinking, ‘This all sounds great, but what is it going to cost?’ We know that budgets are tight, especially during this season. Many times, the benefits that come from technology sound great but come with a hefty price tag. However, that’s not the case with NFC-enabled products. The size of the chip makes it possible to embed in nearly any product. This ensures that you can purchase the right product for your needs and budget. These chips can go in items as small as a pen or keychain. As they also don’t cost much to produce and require no power source of their own, you have access to this technology at a price point that works within your budget.

The Verdict?

We’re all looking for solutions to ensure that students maintain their health and safety, while getting a quality education. If you’re looking for a product that will allow you direct communication with your students at a great price point, then NFC technology is the product for you.

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How Quarantine Changed College Graduation … plus, an update from us!

Recreating a Major Milestone From the Comfort of Your Couch

It’s July, and we honestly can’t believe it! With COVID-19, the entire landscape of how we live has changed. Can you think of any part of our daily life that hasn’t been impacted in one way or another? This new normal has brought plenty of uncertainty and we’re all trying to adapt the best way that we can. But there’s one question that sticks on everyone’s minds: ‘What does the future look like?’

A Shift in Routine Around the Country

During the last few months, everything changed. A huge percentage of employees started working from their homes; kids were sent home and parents now held the burden for their education; and healthcare and essential workers felt the weight of being exposed to a virus because their jobs couldn’t be done from home.

In order to address these changes, our staff put their heads together and came up with a selection of kits filled with items to make adjusting to these, “new normals” a little bit easier. For employees working remote, items like wireless headphones and blue light glasses helped them stay productive in a new environment; for parents trying to educate their kids, DIY activity kits and custom Lego sets created fun memories; and for essential workers, essential oil diffusers and cozy socks helped them unwind after a stressful day. These are just a few of the many ideas our team came up with to help out different groups of people during these uncertain times. (To view more of these kits, click here!)

College Graduation … in a box?

One major change became evident in May with the cancellation of countless graduation ceremonies around the country. College and universities couldn’t risk the safety and health of students, families, and employees, so the only option was to cancel their Spring ceremonies and invite students to join the ceremony that would take place in the fall. For this momentous and exciting occasion, it’s crushing to hear that a moment you’ve looked forward to for 4+ years is just canceled, and this weight wasn’t just felt by the students. The administrative staff that worked throughout the year to plan these events were saddened as well. Their students work so hard and they couldn’t even provide them with the celebration they deserved–or so they thought!

As events started to shut down, our staff began brainstorming to see what we could do to fill the gap and help students and faculty get as close as possible to recreating the excitement of an in-person graduation ceremony. This led us to an idea–a graduation in a box.

We met with individuals from a handful of college and universities, and though their challenges varied, their goal was the same–they wanted to make their students feel celebrated! Through our ideation and creative processes, we worked one-on-one and developed a unique set of items for each college. These ranged from pennants to license plate covers, and each was branded to perfectly match that college’s branding, while driving home the fun and celebration of this milestone accomplishment. Once all the pieces were selected and perfected, our logistics team handled every detail of getting them from our warehouse to the students’ doors, so our clients didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

The result? Students around the country received custom boxes full of confetti and memorabilia to celebrate their graduation without having to risk anyone’s health.

The Future Looks Like Partnership

It’s been an amazing experience to partner with these organizations and bring joy to their students, but what does the future look like? While we still don’t know anything for sure, we feel confident that whatever new “unknown” lands on our doorstep next month, we’re here to adapt to it alongside you, providing the services and guidance to help your business transition and thrive in these unknown times.

How Special Can Your Promo Journals and Pens Really Be?

The Quality of Your Promo Should Match the Quality of Your Business

What is the best pen or journal book you’ve ever had? Take a moment and think. If it made an impact, we’ll bet you kept it for a long time, and if it was a promo item, you undoubtedly remember the company that gave it to you, too. Promo pens and journal can be highly memorable, but most are quite forgettable. If you’re going to spend money on branded materials, they’d better make an impact beyond the initial excitement of receiving it.

So, how do you make a statement with pens and notebooks — two of the most common types of promo items? First, it takes a realization that no one wants a crappy item, even if it is given to them for free. Second, consider that the quality journals and pens you buy from the store are within your reach and your budget. And all this becomes possible when you partner with a company that understands the difference between mundane leave-behinds and cherished takeaways.


Thoughtful Page Layouts & Cover Decorations

When you open a promo journal, what do you expect? Do the words “bare minimum” come to mind? While there is a time and place for simplicity, it should be done purposefully. Does a simple, lined page work? Or would a custom journal with multiple page layouts work better?

And don’t forget the cover! First impressions are so powerful, and the cover of your journal can communicate the strength and uniqueness of your brand in ways you never thought possible, eliciting a double take when someone sees it sitting on a desk or a board room table.

Custom Packaging

A snazzy journal is a great promo piece on its own, but when it’s enclosed in a gorgeous box or with a custom belly band, it becomes so much more. It’s a stunning, attention-grabbing reminder that the recipient’s experience matters—and that your organization appreciates quality.


A Custom Pen from Tip to End

The term “custom pen” should mean more than slapping your company’s name on the barrel. However, for most promo companies, it rarely does. The quality of a custom pen comes from a comfortable grip, good ink delivery, and a unique shape. Imagine if your company’s custom pen had all of these things, with your branding woven into the details.

Take a moment and think about a pen with your logo molded into the grip; a re-imagined ink-delivery system that makes the pen a joy to use; a PMS-matched barrel in a color that is specific to your shade of blue, or green, or orange.

High End, Low Cost

Pens that exude a high cost feel with a low-cost price are exactly what your brand and budget desire. When your company’s pens are high-value giveaways, they warrant long-term use and a consistent position on your recipient’s desk, instead of a place at the bottom of a garbage can.

Name Brand Promotions: A Better Model for Custom Journals and Pens

Part of what makes us unique is our vast experience and understanding of how companies can order reasonable quantities of fully customized pens and journals at the same price as off-the-shelf commodity products. We’ve done our homework about top-grade materials and high-quality products, so you don’t have to.

Interested in receiving more information about our custom journals or pens? Fill out the form.

On the Leading Edge of Tech Promo

The Latest and Greatest in Tech Promo Gifts Makes an Impact

You don’t have to look far to see how the rapid evolution of technology has changed the way people work and play. Just about everyone enjoys gadgets and gizmos that make life easier and make the mundane parts of life a bit more fun.

The world of branded marketing items is no exception. People have seen the future of promo, and it’s filled with tech. It’s things that light up, make noise, accomplish a key task, and generally make you think, “Wow, I never realized how much I needed something like this!”Promotional tech items’ functions are wide-ranging — from entertainment to organization to charging and even security.

When you are handed or mailed an astoundingly awesome tech promo piece, you feel special. You figure some serious coin was dropped, so you probably think twice about discarding it in the trash can or pushing it to the back of a junk drawer.

But here’s the thing: Tech promo items with high perceived value actually can be quite cost-effective. Whether you’re ordering for trade show giveaways or targeted customer gifts, there is a wide range of possibilities. Here are a few examples:

What’s New in Tech Promo

Magnetic Charging Portfolio

What if James Bond carried a notebook? That’s basically this. On the surface, it’s a sleek portfolio with a replaceable notebook inside. However, it also features a built-in power bank that wirelessly charges a phone when placed on the front cover.

Cue that familiar 007 music.

UV Light Phone Sanitizer and Charger

A unit that both sanitizes and charges a phone? Awesome. Considering the amount of time people spend using and charging their phones, this is a high-use gift that is sure to maximize the presence of an artfully placed logo.

Accessory Organizer

Headphones. Chargers. Cords. A thoughtfully designed organizer makes all of these small but important tech-related accessories easy to locate within a purse or pocketbook. Now THAT’s a branded gift that will be seen over and over again — unless using cellphones and listening to music somehow goes out of style, which we kind of doubt.

Digital Luggage Tag

Whoa! Now cloud-managed luggage tags can accomplish what luggage tags have always done — notifying whoever finds a suitcase who it belongs to — without having to publicly display the owner’s contact information. Security in the digital age is quite elegant, don’t you think?

Checklist for Tech Promo Gifts

From chargers, power banks and webcam covers to bluetooth speakers and the latest and greatest new tech gift options, make sure whatever custom promo company you order from can deliver tech gifts that check most of these boxes:

  • High quality
  • Latest and greatest tech
  • Usefulness
  • Excellent functionality
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Cost-effective

The best promo companies have unique models that allow them to be flexible. They do low minimum orders when necessary, support stock or custom packaging, and offer the use of retail brands.

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Tech Gifts

Name Brand Promotions is always on the lookout for new tech promo products — often before they even hit the market. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, because we realize that technology gifts quickly become out of date and unimpressive — only to be replaced by the next latest, greatest and most buzz-worthy items. We want companies to be proud of the leading-edge tech that carries their branding.

Name Brand provides free design studio services; vast customization options; and a unique, experience-driven model that accommodates your company’s need for high and excellent ROI from your tech orders.

A Unique Model for Custom Drinkware

Here’s what Name Brand does to guarantee the best promo drinkware for your specific needs:

Built-In Design Studio Services for Free

Gone are the days of juggling long and confusing email exchanges between you, your company’s graphic designer, and your promo vendor. A custom drinkware vendor that offers high-end in-house design knowledge and capabilities can create work-of-art drinkware, but with fewer middle men and man-hours, better communication, higher quality, and more cost-effectiveness.

Whether you’re looking for a clean, simple look or a wild scene filled with many colors and icons, in-house designers are the answer to whatever your question is.

As Much Customization as You Can Handle

There are lots of intriguing customization combinations to quench your thirst for gorgeous promo drinkware. The right mix can truly showcase what your company is all about. Custom options include:

  • PMS color matching
  • Full 360-degree wrap
  • Laser etching
  • Foil imprint
  • Lid and bottom imprint
  • Packaging

And it’s not just about your logo. Carefully selected placement of a tagline or vision statement phrase might just be thing that leaves people saying “wow.”

Obsession with Quality & Cost Savings

Most companies buy custom drinkware, but there’s a big difference between “custom” and “high-quality custom.” It all starts with the hardware itself. The best promo drinkware vendors work only with materials that last and impress. If the product doesn’t keep drinks really cold and/or really hot, why bother?

Several drinkware variables are important to consider, including:

  • Is it well-insulated? If it is, drinks will stay hot in the cold months and cold during the warm months.
  • Is it made of durable materials? If it is, your beverage marketing piece will be toted around town for years to come.
  • Is the lid easy to use? If it is, your travel mug will be a positive part of the consumer’s morning, instead of a frustrating hindrance.

You also might want to consider a vendor that understands optimal order sizes and production times. Most customers purchase drinkware multiple times per year, which costs more money in the long run. An experienced vendor knows the benefits of setting a higher order minimum with slightly longer production times, and of agreeing to store all of its customers’ large batches and then delivering free of charge as needed.

These tactics will deliver cost-saving custom drinkware that works really well and looks amazing. Your company will be the talk of the water cooler.

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Drinkware

Free design studio services; vast customization options; and a unique, experience-driven model uniquely enable Name Brand Promotions to accommodate your company’s need for stunning impact and excellent ROI from your drinkware orders.

Interested in receiving more information about our custom drinkware? Fill out the form.

Custom Drinkware That Keeps Your Brand Hot

Studio-Level Design Services Change What’s Possible for Cost-Effective, Custom Drinkware

These days just about everyone owns a water bottle or a travel mug. They take drinkware with them all day long and everywhere they go. But here’s the question: Is it worth going back for? If you left it at a park, is it cool enough to warrant turning the car around, or would you just keep driving?

That’s how you know whether your company’s custom branded drinkware can really hold its water as an impactful promo piece.

A variety of factors can make a beverage receptacle more than just another beverage receptacle — an item that your customers and employees will want to keep forever. For example, custom drinkware that keeps drinks cold or hot for a long time and doesn’t leak is worth keeping — and thus deserves your company’s marketing dollars. And any bottle or mug that incorporates real design instead of just a slapped-on logo has an opportunity to be seen and talked about for years to come.

“Oh, this old thing? That’s my favorite travel mug. Whose logo is on the side? Well, that’s a funny story …”

Your company seeks this type of effect from its promo items, but within a reasonable price. So, how does Name Brand guarantee the best promo drinkware for your specific needs? Click the button below to find out!

Show-Stopping Hats, No Extra Cost

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Hats

Free design studio services and vast customization options uniquely enable Name Brand Promotions to accommodate different business scenarios, deadlines and cost constraints along a sliding scale of custom hat options, including:

Quick and Easy for Fast Turnaround

Sometimes your company needs a new branded hat immediately. We’re talking a couple of weeks or less. It’s a tough ask, especially when speed and quality are equally important. Even a mostly off-the-shelf hat should be well-made and eye-catching — something that a reasonable human being with good taste would actually wear.

What You Need

  • Meet a tight deadline (perhaps as short as 5-10 days)
  • Set up the project quickly and easily
  • Lightly customize the design
  • Depend on quality and accuracy
  • Meet a very specific budget constraint

Cost-Effective Approach for Moderate Customization

When there’s a longer deadline to work with, a business and its promo company can spend more time making custom hat details really pop. Even with just a few well-placed touches, you can create a fabulous piece that fits the bill and doesn’t break the bank.

What You Need

  • Meet a moderate deadline (likely around 1-2 months)
  • Receive design studio support from your promo company
  • Customize multiple spots on the hat
  • Depend on quality and accuracy
  • Meet a very specific budget constraint

Fully Custom for Maximum Impact

When timelines are less important than the quality of the finished product, a business can leverage a killer promo company to produce a hat that’s really special. A fully custom hat is the best way to make a splash, draw attention and leave a lasting impression.

Expert designers can infuse your corporate vision, tone, colors, fonts and vibe into every aspect of the cap — from totally fresh patterns on the front panel to thought-provoking messaging on the inside taping. Imagination is welcomed.

What You Need

  • Get high value and impact from each hat
  • Receive design studio support from your promo company
  • Customize every part of the hat
  • Depend on quality and accuracy
  • Have low printing minimums so multiple designs can be deployed at a reasonable price point

Interested in receiving a custom hat sample? Fill out the form above.


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